A Martial Arts Library

Dedicated to traditional Goju Ryu Karate

There is no substitute for training in a dojo with a qualified karate instructor, but all IOGKF students will treasure this Goju Ryu video reference library.

Ernie Molyneux (I0GKF 8th Dan) and Roy Flatt (I0GKF 7th Dan) talk you through the entire Goju Ryu EGKA / IOGKF syllabus. It is just like having a private lesson with these two highly accomplished instructors. It will help you pass your gradings and increase your understanding of Goju Ryu karate.

There are two annual subscription options. Level 1 at £25 is aimed at new students. It covers the EGKA syllabus to the 3rd Kyu grading. Level 2 at £60 is for more senior students. Both options have full access to our Kumite library.

Preparing for a EGKA Grading?

Instruction on the entire IOGKF Syllabus

  • Expert karate tuition from two internationally renowned IOGKF Goju Ryu Shihan instructors.
  • EGKA grading specific instruction on:
    • Kata
    • Kakie
    • Bunkai
    • Basics
  • Separate Kumite section for students of all styles who wish to sharpen their sparring skills.
  • Regular updates with new material conforming to IOGKF syllabus.
  • Of international relevance with members in Europe, India, Australia, Asia and USA.

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